Canvas prints in general

Canvas prints are an awesome way to decorate a space with something unique. Canvas prints from your own photo is extremely easy. You can bring us a photograph, negative, slide, file or an idea and we can make to a small or large canvas print. We prepare the canvas prints ourselves, which allows us to have your canvas prepared quickly and efficiently regardless of the day. We try to maintain a stock of the most common canvas frames in order to offer express delivery. The more unusual frame sizes are prepared within a couple of day of leaving your order with us. Your own photo to canvas print is a much more preferable way to decorated your desired space. With a picture that you know or took, you can relive that moment over and over again long after that picture was taken.

Our canvas prints can be prepared to look exactly the way you want. For example, we can make your canvas print black and white at our store. This way you can see instantly what your canvas would look like when the colors have been edited. You’re free to visit us at our store and see what options are available for your canvas print. The sky is the limit with interior decorating and we want to help you with your decorating needs.

Can I get a canvas print from my own picture?

Send us your photo and we'll give you our honest opinion whether your picture is suitable for a canvas print.

Price list

Canvas print sizePrice
Adding text5€
Framing a customers canvas (<100cm)25€
Framing a customers canvas (>100cm)35€


Canvas print size options

Print size

We can make your canvas print into any size you want. The minimum printed canvas size can be the size of a fingernail. The maximum size for a printed canvas is 106cm x 1500cm.

Frame sizes

Canvas prints are usually confined by the size of the frame. We can make your canvas print in the sizes mentioned below.

  •   15cm – 100cm | Every 1cm
  • 100cm – 140cm | Every 5cm
  • 140cm – 160cm | Every 10cm 
The wooden frame is made from pinewood. Our prices include framing your canvas print. The canvas is framed onto the wood by staples, which provides a sturdy and long lasting hold. The canvas print in the end is extremely light and doesn’t require any heavy duty wall attachments.  

Can I make a canvas print from my own picture?

Absolutely! Nowadays, your camera phone can take pictures that are high enough in quality to make larger canvas prints. We can make a canvas print from a slide, negative, picture, drawing, file or even an idea. We can add text or change the outlook of your picture to suit your needs. 

What should I take into account when making a canvas print from my own picture?


Lighting is usually the deciding factor between a good and bad camera. Current camera phones are high enough in quality to make larger canvas prints, but the picture usually needs to have good lighting. Camera phones don’t usually have good enough optics to work well in low lighting, unlike your DSLR or digital cameras. There are some exceptions, but this tends to be the common census. 

You can send your picture to us and we’ll let you know whether the picture quality is good enough for your canvas print. 


The final canvas print quality is influenced by multiple things. Has the picture been taken with a camera phone or a DSLR. Has there been enough light. Has the subject been moving and if yes then has the camera focused on the subject. These are factors that affect the final overall quality of the canvas print. 

However, there are factors that you can do to decrease the quality of the canvas print after you’ve taken the picture. These include:

  1. Do not send the photo in Messenger, Whatsapp or text. Send your picture through email (actual size), USB or via cloud. You can also send up to 2 Gb of files through These methods are best for transferring images without affecting the quality.
  2. If you want to edit the photo, please do not use filters. Filters work well in digital format, since they’re built to look good on screen. However, when printed pictures tend to come out worse. You may edit the lighting, contrast and color exposure and still maintain a high quality in your images.


The image ratio isn’t critical when designing your canvas print. The prices and sizes mentioned above are examples. We can make your canvas prints in pretty much any size within certain boundaries. If you want your canvas print to be exactly a certain size and the ratio doesn’t allow it then there are a few ways we can make this work regardless. 

We do not distort the image by forcing it into a certain size. We always crop the image within its natural ratio or if this isn’t possible, we can add a different coloured border.


Your canvas print is three dimensional. This means that the canvas prints sides need to be considered when printing the image. The canvas frame requires roughly 4cm of excess canvas in order to wrap around the frame. 

We can let the picture continue normally around the frame. This works best with images that aren’t cropped so tightly, since roughly 8cm of the pictures length and width will be bent over the edge.

Sometimes the subject is tightly cropped and there isn’t much room to further crop the image. In cases like this we recommend having the sides as a mirrored image. This works perfectly with images that don’t have the excess room to crop 8cm per side. This makes it look like the image continues to the side, but in truth we’ve just added the sides as a mirrored image. Nobody can spot the difference, unless they’re told what has been done to the picture. 

We can also make the sides in a certain colour. A bit of the image is still folded over the edge, since otherwise the colour will be seen from the front. We can make sides any colour you wish. 



All of the canvas prints produced by us can be posted anywhere in Finland. Smaller canvas prints are sent with either Posti or Matkahuolto. Delivery times vary depending on the order. Posti delivers packages in roughly 2-5 weekdays. If you need the canvas in a hurry, we recommend choosing Matkahuolto and its buss services. These can be delivered to you for the next day even. Please don’t hesitate to ask for further information regarding postal services. 

Postage to other countries other than Finland is currently done case by case. Please send us an email regarding international postage. 

Normal: 1-2 days

Express: Same day (+5€)

Normal: 1-2 days

Express: Same day (+5€)

Normal: 1-2 days

Express: Same day (+5€)

Normal: 1-2 days

Express: Same day (+5€)

Normal: 1-2 days

Express: Same day (+5€)

Normal: 1-2 days

Express: Same day (+5€)

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