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Erpo Heinolainen


I was sitting on the local train a couple of days back on my way to Kökkeli, or Kauklahti to be more precise. I overheard a women speaking with her friend about her families photoshoot. No, I wasn’t trying to listen in, but I couldn’t help it, since they were so ecstatic about it. This is how it went:
Why does everything need to be so difficult
My mother Dorothy is turning 75 in February, if it’s appropriate to tell a women’s age. She’s been self-quarantining since last spring at home by herself.  
My mom complains, how everything else is fine, but she really misses her grandchildren. (Not that us kids really matter anyway)
So we decided to make her quarantining period a bit more pleasurable by giving her a birthday present. We went with a canvas frame, so that she could enjoy her family during the darkest of days. 
This should’ve been an easy task. Our neighbour Mika promised to take our family portrait and after send it to Kuvatehdas online. This way, the canvas would arrive conveniently to our house, or even straight to my mother. On the prearranged day, Mika arrived.  
We were all setup to have the picture taken, when our lovely little poodle Pixu, came running from outside and straight onto my lap, with her muddy paws. Oh well, I was looking forward to changing anyways. In the meantime, our youngest little angel, Valtteri had vanished. Where? My husband Tomi had no idea, since he was deep in conversation with our neighbour Mika about the current situation regarding their favourite ice hockey team, Jokerit. Well, Valtteri was in the kitchen with some chocolate yoghurt all over his face and shirt. After having changed his shirt as well, my daughter Nella had decided to look good for the camera, by adding some lipstick. Oh, and her entire face as well. Roughly, after an hour of washing and changing, we were ready. However, Jokerit had just started playing on ViaPlay and my husband Tomi suggested we wait till the first period ends. I still can’t understand how I was able to produce the most aggressive “NO”, that could’ve been measured on the richter scale. At this point, Tomi understood the situation and decided to let the game be, although he missed Mörkö Anttila’s goal. 
We were able to get the picture taken, ordered the canvas and sent it directly to my mother. The picture itself isn’t anything special, but hey, this is what our family looks like. What can you do? All things considered, Kuvatehdas did everything spot on, like always. Thank you for that. 
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