These cards are prepared with a Canon laser copy machine. We have multiple different types of paper material, so be sure to ask for samples at the store. Unless mentioned otherwise, we prepare our cards onto 250g paper. You may ask for any help that you might need with your cards at the store. NOTE! The prices below are from ready made files. Prices charged for making the cards are evaluated at the store or via email.

Celebratory cards (approximately 10×15 cm)

1 puoleinen 2 puoleinen
8 kpl 2,00€/kpl 2,50€/kpl
24 kpl 1,90€/kpl 2,40€/kpl
32 kpl 1,80€/kpl 2,30€/kpl
40 kpl 1,70€/kpl 2,20€/kpl
48 kpl 1,60€/kpl 2,10€/kpl
+54 kpl 1,50€/kpl 2,00€/kpl

Card Examples

 001_DSCF5952 copy 001_DSCF5955 copy

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