Digital Prints From the Kiosk

From the kiosk, you’re able to easily print from your USB, memory card, CD or DVD, phone (either bluetooth, cable or memory card), external hard drive, Facebook and Instagram.

When Ordering From the Kiosk

We try to have your pictures printed whilst you wait.

Order Prints Online

You’re able to order pictures online very easily from anywhere with an internet connection. Chose to pick-up your pictures from either Iso Omena or Asematunneli and do so when you feel like it.

When Ordering Online

Normal delivery time is two hours

Click here if you want to continue to the online kiosk.

Digital Prints via Email

You can send your pictures to us via email. Our general email address will help you with your needs.

 Prices €/pc 1-100 101-200  201-400 401-600
8×10 (Lustre) 0,49€ 0,46€ 0,42€ 0,39€
10×13 (Lustre) 0,49€ 0,46€ 0,42€ 0,39€
10×15 (Lustre) 0,49€ 0,46€ 0,42€ 0,39€
10×18 (Lustre) 0,59€ 0,55€ 0,50€
10×20 (Lustre) 1,20€
11×15 (Lustre) 0,55€ 0,50€  0,45€
13×18 (Lustre) 2,90€  2,50€
15×20 (Lustre) 3,50€
20×30 (Lustre) 7€
A4 (Lustre) 7€

NOTE! We add a cover charge of 3,50€ to the final price. In Iso Omena, we print pictures onto Lustre paper. Along with these photo sizes, we can produce any size you want. Depending on the job, we charge 5€ for editing the picture into the correct size and the price of the paper that the picture fits onto best. 

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