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Driver's license photo in general

The Finnish driver’s license photo size is the same as in the Finnish passport, ID card and visa. The driver’s license is administered by Traficom and their service locations are located at Ajovarma. You can have your official driver’s license photo taken at our stores and we’ll have them printed for you instantly. Electronic copies are applicable only once the police have verified your photo in their system. The Finnish driver’s license isn’t an official ID and can therefore be used in only limited situations. If you’re in need of an official ID or passport, please have a read at  for further information.

Are you not able to make it?

Send your picture to us and we'll let you know whether it can be used. If needed, we can edit the picture and send them back to you via email or have them printed straight away.

Price list

  Per person
Printed out copies 25€
Electronic copies  22€
Electronic and paper copies 27€
International driver’s license photo 25€
Your own picture printed out 10€
Your own picture printed out and sent electronically 15€

Frequently asked questions

In Finland, the driver’s license is issued by Traficom. Ajovarma is an official Traficom service location where you can visit and have your application processed. You can visit their website at

No. Driver’s license can’t be applied for online. The reason for this is that Traficom handle driver’s license applications, whereas the police maintain the electronic system. You may, however, use your picture in the police system, but only if the picture is accepted first. Only after this can Traficom get access to your picture.

For the driver’s license application, you need either two printed copies or an electronic picture in the police system (max 6 months old). When you visit our location, we provide you with 6 copies for 25€. If you’ve recently had your picture accepted by the Finnish police, then you may use that image, given that it’s less than 6 months old. The price for an electronic picture is 22€. 

People above the age of 70, need to provide a doctor’s note as well. 

No you don’t. We actually recommend you not wear your glasses in the picture. The criteria for wearing glasses nowadays is extremely strict and the official is the one who makes the final decision. 

We’ll provide you with either a electronic copy for 22€, or 6 prints for 25€.

The price of your driver’s license is controlled by Traficom. You can find the current price list at

The official passport and driver’s license pictures are valid for 6 months after having your picture taken. 

No it’s not. In Finland some officials accept the driver’s license as a form of identification. However, banks for example require an official ID or passport. 

Your driver’s license is also not valid abroad. It can only be used to prove your right to drive.

How to take the picture myself?

You can take an official driver’s license sized photo yourself at home. However, there are certain points that need to be considered before uploading the picture. Nowadays, you can take proper pictures with your phone as well and you can send them to us for validation. We’ll let you know whether the picture fulfills all the standards and edit them if needed. We can then send them back fully edited. Starting from the 23rd of September, 2020, photo stores aren’t allowed to upload pictures onto the server that they haven’t taken themselves.


The picture needs to have even lighting. Don’t use a flash on your phone, since the lighting will in most cases be uneven. The face, in this case, tends to be over exposed and the background full of shadows. Natural lighting is the best option or a general bright light. However, make sure that the light isn’t located right above you. 

If the lighting on your face is good, you can send the picture to us. We’ll edit the background so that it fulfills or the official standards. 


The background should be an even white. We are able to remove the background electronically, but this is made difficult if the background is uneven. You can also put a white t-shirt or textile as the background, if you don’t have any even white surfaces. This is easier to edit out afterwards. 

Posture and facial expression

Sit upright or stand with your face and head aimed towards the camera. Don’t angle your head to high or too low, even if you think this looks better. This might distort the image and is one reason for images not passing the police inspection. The camera should be around the same height as your eyes. 

Your body should face the camera. If you’re sitting, place your hands by your side or on your knees relaxed. Otherwise, your shoulders might rise too high and the picture will not be accepted.

Your facial expression needs to be neutral. You can have a positive look on your face, but you’re not aloud to smile. This means that your cheek bones shouldn’t rise. Keep your mouth closed so that your teeth aren’t visible. Your mouth has to be completely closed. 

Hats and glasses

The police officials have informed that scarves and other headgear can be used in pictures for religious reasons. Otherwise, these are not allowed and bobby pins shouldn’t be too visible. If you fulfill the police standards for wearing something on your head, please make sure that there are no shadows on your face and that the edges are far enough from your eyes. 

We don’t recommend using glasses in the picture. Due to biometric passports and IDs, facial recognition and eye scanning have become main recognition methods. The frame of the glasses can’t be too close to your eyes, there shouldn’t be any reflections and they can’t be tinted. Even if all the above criteria are fulfilled, the official is the last person to make the decision and can fail the picture. 


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