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Flyers in General

Flyers are an effective way to promote your business, event, or product. With the right design and distribution, flyers can attract potential customers, increase sales, and create brand awareness. They are easy to create and distribute, making them a cost-effective marketing tool for businesses of any size. You can bring us your own design, or ask our staff to help you in creating a unique eye-catching design. Distribute your flyers in high-traffic areas or mail them directly to your target audience. By including a clear call to action and relevant information, your flyer can drive traffic to your website, social media pages, or physical location. Overall, flyers are a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.

You can easily order your flyers from one of our stores in RediTriplaCitycenterAsematunneliIso Omena or Jumbo. All stores can make small quantities for you quickly, however, larger quantities are made in Citycenter and Jumbo.


Can I send my file beforehand?

Of course! Just send your file to us and we can print it beforehand. All you need to do is pick up your order.

Price list


About printing

Print sizes

Flyers can be printed into any size you want, however, the traditional sizes are as follows:

A6: 105 x 148mm
A65: 99 x 210mm
A5: 148 x 210mm
A4: 210 x 297mm

If you want your flyers printed into a different size, then please send us an inquiry and we’ll get back to you. The largest print paper size we offer for these materials is SRA3 (320x450mm) and everything smaller than this is possible.

Paper options


We offer a wide variety of different paper options. The aforementioned prices are applicable for these paper types:

120g polished matte paper
170g silk (semi matte) and glossy paper
250g polished matte paper

We offer other papers as well. Ask for a quote if you want to use our special papers. 

Our machinery

We use Canon laser printers for flyer printing, which offers excellent print quality. Laser printers have a feature, that leaves small white margins around the print (roughly 3-5mm). Prices above include cutting the white boarders away. Please make sure, that the text and images on your design aren’t too close to the edge, so that they don’t get cut off after finishing. We recommend leaving a 5mm bleed area around the file.

File types

We accept all file types, however, we recommend using PDF format. If you’ve used Word to make your design, please export the file as a PDF. This way, there’s no software changes on the file.

Leave a roughly 5mm bleed area (margin) around your file, so that cutting doesn’t cut any important information from the file. You don’t have to include bleed or crop marks on your file. 

How can I deliver a print ready file?

You can send the file to us via email. If the file is too big to send via email, then you can share a download link or use for free up to 2 GB.

You can also bring us the file to one of our stores in almost every digital format. We’ll make the flyer for you within 1-3 weekdays depending on the amount of flyers needed and the location the order was left in.

Delivery in Finland

You can also order your flyers from us online. Send your file to us beforehand and let us know the address you want the flyers sent to. We’ll ship it within a day of completion. We use mainly Posti as our shipping partner. With urgent matters, please contact us to find the best and quickest shipping option.

Normal: 1-2 weekdays

Express: Same day delivery (+5€)

Normal: 1-2 weekdays

Express: Same day delivery (+5€)

Normal: 2-3 weekdays

Express: 1 day delivery (+5€)

Normal: 2-3 weekdays

Express: 1 day delivery (+5€)

Normal: 2-3 weekdays

Express: 1 day delivery (+5€)

Normal: 1-2 weekdays

Express: Same day delivery (+5€)

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