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Have you ever lost your key in your bag or pocket? A small key can fit into many small places and therefore it’s good to attach it to something larger. The key chain with your own pictures or text is a fun way to surprise a friend or relative with a personalized key chain. You can add the same picture on either sides, or two different pictures. It doesn’t matter, whether the picture is in portrait or landscape. We can make the key chain out of both options. We can also look at the possible cropping of the image with you. If you want some text, then we can either type this for you or you can send us a ready made file. We can print almost anything onto the key chain.

Send us a picture that you want printed onto the key chain and we’ll let you know whether the picture is good enough. The size of the image is relatively small, so the quality of the image doesn’t have to be anything special. 


Key chain + images 7,90€/key chain
Computer editing (if the file isn’t ready) +5€

Computer editing is charged only if the picture requires heavy editing or adding of text. If the text is sent to us in a ready made file, then we don’t charge anything extra. We will always let you know, if there is any editing needed.  

Everything you need to know about the key chain

- The key chain is made out of acrylic plastic.
- The picture size is 35x45mm.
- You can have two pictures on the key chain (either the same image on both sides or two different pictures).
- Price includes two pictures, key chain and a key ring.
- After the image has been printed, the picture can't be removed. The lid is extremely tight.
- The key chain is not waterproof, but it is splash proof.
- The images are printed onto high quality photo paper.

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