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Roll Up in General

Roll up stands are a great marketing tools for everyone. It doesn’t matter, whether you’re attending an exhibition, event or some other marketing event. Roll up stands work perfectly in furthering your branding image. Due to its light weight and easy to carry bag, you can take it anywhere with you and have it setup in just seconds. There’s no doubt, that a roll up wouldn’t get noticed by your customers. 

Design your own 85 x 200cm roll up and deliver it to us via email or bring the file to our store. We make our roll ups at our Helsinki Metro store and here we can have your roll up made even for the next weekday. You can also have your roll up delivered to one of our other stores within 1-2 weekdays free of charge. 

You can easily order your roll up from one of our stores in Redi, Tripla, Citycenter, AsematunneliIso Omena or Jumbo.


Can I send my file beforehand?

Of course! Just send your file to us and we can print it beforehand. All you need to do is pick up your order.

Price list

(Starting fee 3,50€/order)

Roll up stand, print (ready made file) and installation129€/pc
Roll up stand 85x200cm49€/pc
Printing on roll up material 85x218cm99€/pc
File designstarting 20€/file**

*Prices incl. vat 24%
**Exact prices given once design is known

Roll up

Print size

We print your files into 85x218cm, where the visible area is 85x200cm.

Roll up paper

We print your roll ups onto Canon 295g PVC Display Film paper. This material is a perfect option for your roll up, due to its durable nature.

This papers benefits are:

– Instantly dry out of the printer
– Excellent colour printing
– Non reflective matte surface
– No need for lamination
– Scratch resistant

Our machinery

We use Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro series printers as our large inkjet printers. Due to its 12 colour ink palette, high quality prints are assured. The printer has 5 different shades of grey.

Roll up stand

The roll up stand is made from light weight aluminium. When opened the size is 87x212cm ja the weight is only roughly 3kg. The stand includes its own blag bag, which makes carrying it along extremely easy.

File types

We accept all file types. However, we recommend using PDF/JPG/PNG file formats. Make the file into 85x200cm or a similar ratio. Leave a 1cm margin to the edge to make sure nothing important gets cropped.

How can I deliver a print ready file?

You can send the file to us via email. If the file is too big to send via email, then you can share a download link or use for free up to 2 GB.

You can also bring us the file to one of our stores in almost every digital format. We’ll make the roll up for you within 1-3 weekdays depending on the amount of roll ups needed and the location the order was left in.

Delivery in Finland

You can also order your roll up from us online. Send your file to us beforehand and let us know the address you want the roll up sent to. We’ll ship it within a day of completion. We use mainly Posti as our shipping partner. With urgent matters, please contact us to find the best and quickest shipping option.

Normal: 1-2 weekdays

Express: Same day delivery (+5€)

Normal: 1-2 weekdays

Express: Same day delivery (+5€)

Normal: 2-3 weekdays

Express: 1 day delivery (+5€)

Normal: 2-3 weekdays

Express: 1 day delivery (+5€)

Normal: 2-3 weekdays

Express: 1 day delivery (+5€)

Normal: 2-3 weekdays

Express: 1 day delivery (+5€)

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